Somewhere around 2008, a friend called me up and told me I must watch this documentary “Young At Heart”... and so I did. It moved me to tears and I thought “I’m going to do that one day”  Alas, 2 years later, I moved to Vancouver Island and 5 years after that, I started up SoundWave, a “not-so-typical choir” for 55 years of age and older. So in 2015, SoundWave was born with 26 people signing up. I had no clue how to approach this, as my background is as a singer-songwriter performing artist, not a choir director. Somehow I muddled my way through the first year and we did a season wind up performance at Costin Hall - “free to get in, $5 to get out”.  The hall was packed to the rafters and everyone had a blast. In 2016, I had 52 people sign up; 2017, 68 people, and in 2018, I capped registration at 75 people and now have a waiting list with another 26 names on it.  Somehow I seemed to have hit on something people wanted, and once a week we meet for a most light hearted, enthusiastic rehearsal. I believe the spirit of SoundWave is what makes it so special. My initial idea of mirroring the “Young At Heart Chorus” morphed into its own personality by virtue of the people it attracted.   SoundWave became a place where strong friendships were made, support was given and everyone could just let loose, laugh and sing their hearts out.  Music has a special way of waking up your soul and touching your heart - and the bonds that have been formed in this group are what sets us apart from many others.


May 2019  SoundWave delivers to a sold out house at the Port Theatre